EvolutionTIX believes in delivering a unique customer experience to its clients through an array of services. We are not your run of the mill ticketing company; EvolutionTIX strives to go beyond the typical ticketing expectations of its clients and provide them with quality experience and patronage. Our company evaluates the ticket selling needs of each client and then presents them with a tailored solution, accordingly.


Ease of use and ease of access to ticketing is our prime concern. We fully understand and follow the changing trends of modern ticketing by allowing ticket buyers to securely purchase your tickets from our website and then print the purchased tickets easily in the comfort of their home. EvolutionTIX also allows buyers to purchase our clients’ tickets via smartphones and Facebook application. Apart from our basic ticketing service, our clients have access to quality buyer data and receive daily or weekly reports of their event’s ticketing status. Our clients can depend upon our flexible services and multi-tiered fee structure for not only basic ticket retailing both on-site and off-site but also for superior marketing, consultation and fundraising services for your event. Some of the aforementioned services include:

  • Box office support which works hand in hand with your staff.
  • Non-stop phone (9am-8pm) and online sales services every day.
  • Buyer complaint management with hassle-free reporting and resolution of the issue.
  • eMarketing channels employing eBlasts and eConfirmations as well as SMS marketing and newsletters.
  • Secure online transactions and advanced anti-counterfeiting technology which tracks purchases and safeguards your tickets.
  • Customized tickets and wristbands printing available.
  • EvolutionTIX’s Business Office ensures a quick settlement process for our clients immediately after their event.
  • Our call center is USA based with an excellent customer service staff.
  • Marketing our clients’ fundraisers and accepting donations online.
  • A vast and growing list of local retail outlets.

EvolutionTIX is a complete package of ticketing solutions at a very competitive price. We look forward to accommodate our clients with the best integrated approach to all their events, ranging from concerts to beauty pageants etc.

Please contact our New Client Service Department newclients@evolutiontix.com

803-816-0509 extension #700